Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scraps and More Scraps

Scrap quilts are very rewarding for me. I can see all the colors and the textures with one quilt. I like a coordinated quilt too, but the scrap quilts make my heart skip a beat.
These are small scraps I have collected and have piled up to cut up into usable pieces for scrap quilts. I have about 60 of the 100 scrap blocks I need to make for this quilt done.

This is the magazine I found this quilt listed in. It isn't as long as I need it, so I am making and extra long quilt to fit on my couch.

The final look is very country with the dark borders and it fits with my decor. This magazine is dated Feb 2009. The designer is Lynn Lister called Nana's Nine Patch.

The trimmings off of the stack of fabrics doesn't even fill a grocery bag, but I am using ever inch of the fabric I can for two different quilts I am making. Hey I paid for it so I can use every inch of the fabric right. Is that called being Scotch. Yes I am. Chris

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Cathie said...

I love McCall's Quilting Magazine. It's one of the "two" subscriptions I have. The other is Quilting Arts. Love this runner - so colorful. And for being a scrap runner - the colors look beautiful together.