Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cooking and Dehydrating today

This is my dehydrator. I have it loaded with many goodies. I am trying a different thing for me. I am trying tomatoes. Look at all this color. This is the Bell Peppers we started in the house this last spring. We have so many of them I decided to dry some. Green, orange, yellow and red. We had some white ones also.

I have several layers or trays of the tomatoes. These are the end of the season and weren't as pretty as some from the early growing period. Anxious to see how they do. Then you run them through the food processor to pulverize to make a powder to add to soups and stews. I canned tons of tomatoes and ran out of jars. You can not believe the smells going on in the kitchen right now. Also cooler weather. I have some leftover ham that has to get used. So the dried beans are soaking and the Ham and Bean soup is going to get underway. I make the Senate Bean Soup that the Senators in DC have on their menu everyday in the kitchens at the Capital building. Ham, beans, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes are all cooked together and thickened with mashing some of the beans. A little cornbread on the side and you have a complete meal in one pot. That is my kind of meal.

My Mother loves all that I make but she won't cook for herself. So I make a large amount and freeze portions and when she is bored with the food she has I take in a batch to her and she is eating a better meal than the fast food places and out of cans. I don't cook with store bought canned food and I don't use salt. Healthy cooking but why do I gain weight. It tastes to good. I have lost about 12 lbs. and doing it by cutting back the amount I eat. Plus all the exercise in the yard cleaning it up for fall. Can you smell the great smells from my kitchen?? Chris

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