Friday, September 10, 2010

My Marks disappeared

Everything I did yesterday went wrong. My tomatoes got moldy before they dried. My dehydrator isn't powerful enough to handle what I was trying to do. Don't know unless you try. I tried sewing on this quilt along the border edge and had to rip it out. So I hand basted the border because doing it by hand machine it stretch. After 3 hours of hand basting I decided I would use marking pens to make my marks for the grid sewing. I set up a table in the living room and stuck with the project until all was marked. Mind you I drove 90 miles to get the white marking pens to do this quilt with the day before. I was so excited to think I was going to get this quilt done soon.
After 2 1/2 more hours I decided to eat supper and then sew. I went to pick up the quilt and the marks had all disappeared. I was so frustrated. My husband just looked at me like what happened. I didn't pay enough attention to the directions on the packages of these pens. I saw removable with water and it didn't say air erase. I called my Mom and she said is there something wrong with the product. I don't think so I was so anxious to get this done I didn't understand the labeling. I got out a chalk pencil marker and remarked the border on one side. I know this marking tool does rub off so I decided to do one at a time. As I was marking I got of with the ruler and had to go back and correct the markings I made. I went in and stitched the markings and cut the batting and backing off the one side. My husband teased me and said are you staying up to finish and I said no. So today I need to get more marked and stitched. So close to the finish and then all this trouble. Lesson learned read all the packaging before purchase and use. Chris

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ytsmom said...

I think you would have better luck with the tomatoes if they would have been sliced thinner. The pieces were too big to dry properly. Better luck next time.