Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who do I ask?

Who do you ask? Well the question I am asking is what kind of thread do you use? All cotton? Poly and Cotton? 40wt? 50wt? Lots of questions to ask. Do you use plain cotton to hand quilt with? Do you use a coated cotton to quilt with and what is it coated with Beeswax or conditioner? Machine quilting poly and cotton? All Cotton? Poly or rayon? Choices???
Where do you begin to look and get answers? I guess buy the best you can afford and try all the choices. I have a little of all of it. How about you?


Barbara said...

I don't hand quilt but when I did I used the cotton thread for hand quilting. Not sure what brand but there are several. It's a little thicker than regular cotton threads. I mostly machine quilt and I use whatever has the color I want. Both cottons and rayons.

Bunny said...

I use 50wt for piecing, sometimes 40wt for maching quilting. If you break thread when you are machine quilting use a larger needle. For hand quilting use the coated one is goes through the fabric better. Polyester thread for general sewing. Rayon thread for fancy quilting such as metalics etc.Hope that helps.