Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No pictures today

I would like to know how there can be so much dust in the house? I know sewing causes dust, I know having doors and windows open can cause dust but please. I have enough dust you would think I lived in and open barn. I thought maybe the doors and windows open that the air would blow it on through. Foolish me. I change the furnace filters every month. There are only two of us in this house and we are sedimentary individuals. I dust and two hours later I see another layer. What would it be like if I didn't dust for two weeks? Hate to say it but this summer while I was out trying to keep up with the yard work that happened. Maybe if I had white furniture I wouldn't see it so plainly. Can you imagine having the fireplace burning and all the dust from that. Well I haven't burned much for the last two years because of the smoke and the dirt from all the wood. Where does it come from? I guess the old saying that housework is never done is true. I know I sure don't have the patience to dust everyday and have to do it all over again the next. We have no animals and grandkids are here every other weekend for a few hours. I guess there is no real answer, but I have to get rid of a layer since I have been typing this post another bunch has settled. No wonder I have allergies. Chris

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