Friday, September 24, 2010

Rearranging and cleaning somewhat done

This last week has been busy and rearranging of my living room. Well it is listed on the house description as a Great Room. It is 17ft wide by 24ft long. This half of the Great room is now the dining room. I had the Curio cabinet in the background in the kitchen eating area, but it was to crowded. So we moved it several years ago. It didn't match any of the furniture in the living room. More of the story is my Mother bought this table with 6 chairs and she is very short. The table top was to high for her to sit at comfortably. Plus the finish was wearing off. We found her another table she really likes and it fits in her eating area of her kitchen much better. So this one needed refinishing and my husband took on the job. We tried selling it and to get what she needs out of it for the price she paid for it we just kept it.
So we had to find a spot for it in my house. At some point my son will have it. The table has two leaves and it opens to 8ft long. I told my husband it would make a great cutting table. He said only if you can protect the top of it. It is solid oak. Most tables are veneer. I think I am going to look for the old fashion cutting boards that fold. Then I can place the folded board in a closet when not in use. The cabinet had to be cleaned inside and out. It was so clean and I turned to my husband and said it is about time for Brody the youngest grandson to come. He loves to stand and place his hands on the freshly cleaned glass to look at all the things inside. Sure enough they came two hours later, but I was lucky he wasn't attracted to it this time. Lots of not expensive things, but things from my Grandmother's and my Mom and Mother -in-law in the cabinet. Pictures of my family and grandkids also. Priceless to me and my family. They mean more to me. My son says he will take all that I own to the landfill when I am gone. Nice kid right? LOL Now I guess I have to make Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. Also I need to make place mats and table runners for this table. Better get going. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

what is it with sons and landfills? Mine says the same thing about a lot of my stuff but I told him his sister will be in charge of that stuff, not him. I hope you can find the folding cutting boards. they aren't as popular as they were when clothing sewing was a big thing.