Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am here no pictures.

I have been cutting back all the dead flowers in the yard. Laying patio blocks and pavers. I am wore out today. Maybe a day to stay in and get the vac out and also to get some stitching done. Making progress on the Christmas quilt for my son. Now I am sneezing. Allergies are acting up. If the weather holds out for a few more days I will have everything cut back. Then need to dig some ornamental grass out and divide. They can take over if you don't watch them. This one has been dug up before and it needs to be thinned out really badly. I have the TV on and the morning news is on. All you see is politics. I was so glad when the last voting season ended and here we are again. All the slander and back stabbing. Face it we are in trouble and no one side is right. We need to work to gether to get through this. Time they all grew up and got along. That will never happen. It is the fact the media is hanging on every word that is spocken and it gets twisted. My Great Grandfather was an avid political watcher and he would say the same thing happened back then. He walked 12 miles to see Abraham Lincoln debate. I guess I was told not to throw stones but own up to the ones that were cast if you are guilty. Have a Great Day. Chris

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