Saturday, March 16, 2013

30 blocks done and attached

I first thought I would make 36 blocks now I wonder if I shouldn't make 42 total. I look at the coverage on the top of the queen sized bed and think maybe 42 is in order.

I know I have to make at least 6 more and attach them. I guess contemplate the outcome as I proceed.
Today is International Quilting Day, are you planning on keeping busy and getting something done? I started out this way and we will see how my day goes.

This quilt top has been a challenge to keep going for me. I liked the handwork part of it while watching TV, but then I sit to many hours and get nothing else done. I think if I was at the machine sewing I would get up and get away from it faster than the handwork.  

We had three Cardinals in the tree the other day. Two were males trying to win over the female. A Red Winged Blackbird was seen and in rural Midwest areas it is a sign of Spring. Robins have been here for weeks. The Canada Geese are flocking to move north again. The buds on the bushes and trees are turn red. Sure signs, but the temps are below normal for this time of year.

On St. Patty's day last year it was 84*F and this year will struggle to be above freezing. Maybe wishful thinking Spring is around the corner. Keep sewing.... Chris

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