Monday, March 4, 2013

What makes a quilt?

I have been reading several quilting magazines and many blogs of late. I see in details all the piecing and quilting that goes into quilting and my mind is overwhelmed at times. The question I ask then is it the color or the twist on the traditional pattern that make the quilt? 
Some quilters thrive on the color placement and the detail to piecing and I appreciate the efforts they put into the careful placement and techniques used to make the quilt pleasing to the eye and the effect is breath taking most of the time. Or is it the detailed quilting that makes a simple quilt over the top.

How far can you go? Then, is it enough? Who knows, only the quilt maker can decided.
In the case of a whole cloth there is no piecing and you have to use your quilting skills to promote the overall look of the quilt.  

What is your opinion on the question what makes a quilt?  Chris


Valerie Smith said...

Gorgeous quilt Chris.

Hmmm...I love pretty much all aspects of quilting...except binding!! Some times I'm itching to piece something really complicated and challenging...other days I just want to throw something together quick...then there's times like now where I just want to quilt up all those quilts that have been laying around!

Katie M. said...

That's a hard one, Chris. If the quilt top is 'busy' - lots of color or lots of pieces, I would probably chose to do simple quilting. If the quilt has quite a bit of 'vacant' space such as a large area of solid background or simple print, I will quilt a bit heavier and I think the quilting will add to the quilt then. So I guess there really is no difinitive answer... The beauty of the quilt truly is in the eye of the beholder (or maker).