Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 inches of snow and no deliveries

I waited all day for the new laptop to come and I looked at the tracking online and it was delayed because of weather. It was only 45 miles away. Oh well on the truck for delivery today. Yipppyyy!

We shoveled and blew snow twice yesterday and still some to clean up today. It is icy out there because it will remain below 32F today so we need to walk carefully.

Finally after three weeks the lump on the back of my head is going down. The scab is gone from the small opening, but the lump was very noticeable until yesterday. I sure watch where I walk now.

After lunch today I think my package will come so if I need to get anything done it will have to be this morning. Or I will get distracted.

Getting back to this snow fall. This is the most snow we have gotten this year. So we need the moisture because we are still in drought mode here. The trees are the thing that worry me the most. They have roots, but it is amazing how much they require to stay healthy.

No sewing yesterday, but I think I need to get farther along on something today. Maybe just cleaning off my cutting table in my sewing room. LOL Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Have fun with your new laptop!!