Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Long dry spell

No I am not talking about the weather. I haven't used the machine for at least 3 1/2 months. I have been in a dry spell and not interested. Today I decided after I got up I needed to feel the machine and needed it to do some magic for me. I pieced these last fall and I did quilt one a while back. Still had 5 more to finish. I had to move a sewing machine around to get to a bobbin winder and they came to the surface.
This is my Mother-in-law's machine and it uses the same size bobbins as my machine does. The bobbin winder on my machine is not working and we have had it apart and couldn't fix it. It is wearing out, but I prefer it to another machine I have. 

I moved this one close to my sewing table and decided I would use it to wind bobbins for my machine. It works fine and sews fine. It is a work horse and should be a boat anchor as much as it weighs.   
I completed all of the 6 place mats and have 4 on the table in the kitchen. I have a couple extra.  One for the center and another for a shelf in the kitchen.

Mentioning my Mother-in-law, she is not doing well. As you maybe remember she fell and broke her hip two weeks ago and had to have it pinned. She is in a rehab center and as you can imagine at 97 years old it isn't the way she wants to live. We are prepared for a dreaded phone call at any time. I wish she didn't have to suffer in pain and hopefully she won't linger long if it is her time.

We are getting some company next week to see her and we need to get some cleaning done. We started on it today and a good share got done.

Hopefully everyone is staying warm for the first day of Spring. The windchill this morning was -6*F here. Last year at this time it was in the 80's. Drastic change. I am ready for Winter to be over with. Chris  


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I love your scrappy place mat and I understand sort of getting in a rut where you don't want to sew. I often go through spurts of just not feeling very creative. I'm an old sewing machine gal so if it runs I sew on it! Great to see you creating! BTW - FREEZING HERE for the first day of spring! LOL* We are getting a foot of snow!

Katie M. said...

Sometimes we just need to do something quick and easy to get our creative spark to burn again. Really like the placements and I have a 'few' newer machines, but I still love my 'old gals' and enjoy sewing on them. I'm always on the look out for older machines when I go 'thrift shopping'. As for the weather.... I live in AZ for a reason. I don't think I could do the months of colder weather anymore.