Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reporting in.......

Well this is a current report of my where abouts and doings. I haven't sewn a stitch in over a week. We dealt with snow for two days then my MIL fell and broke her hip so yesterday we drove to Rockford, Illinois to see her.

I did receive this in the mail on Wed. It is a new laptop.
It is a Gateway and it is the first laptop I have ever had. It is a different program than what I had also. It is Windows 7  because I have XP in my pc I decided since XP is no longer supported I had better get and upgraded model.

Boy am I old or what? Getting use to a new program and a laptop besides is overwhelming to me. I guess I need my Granddaughter sitting with me when I use it because she will understand what I am doing wrong and I am sure she will tell me. I can just hear her now. LOL

Back to the sewing issue. I am at a stagnated stand still. I want to sew and yet I can't force myself to do it. I guess in time it will come back. Maybe that hit on the head didn't do me any good. I still have a lump.

My MIL isn't doing real well. Her prognosis is iffy at her young age of 97 years old. The good thing was she knew who we were which made it easier on my husband. He is the baby and very close to his Mom. All I could say to her was try as best as she could. She accepted that and you can tell she is scared and in pain. She has other health issues that are going to deteriorate quickly.

We are to get two days of rain and the mood will be down today. We will be waiting for that dreaded phone call in the future and it will be hard to take, but we know it will come to this. Give your loved ones a hug today and tell others you love them. Chris


Katie M. said...

Once you get used to a laptop and portability of it, you'll love it. I'm on my second one and keep thinking I want to upgrade (don't tell hubby!) My sister-in-law gave me a new-to-me desktop. She said she was having problems with it. A tech came to her home and told her he needed to take it to the shop. A couple weeks later she had him bring it back without any repairs being done. I had to replace the BIOS battery (My daughter's boyfriend is a computer tech & he diagnosed the issue with just an email) and it's good as new - I still gravitate to the laptop!
I will pray that if it's your MIL's time to leave for a better place, that is swift and pain free.

Anonymous said...

Lol grandma i wanted to like the status like on facebook.