Monday, December 19, 2016

Busy today

Mommy had a Doctor's appt. today and so we had two little girls for a couple hours. They each had a tray table and coloring books and were coloring. The problem was they both wanted the same colored crayon at the same time.   

Katie is growing up really fast. She is going to be a big sister soon. They have friends with new babies so we are in hopes she doesn't get to jealous. Autumn will be fine. She will be a little mother. Katie has Grandma's allergies and her face breaks out with new soaps and shampoos. So hopefully she grows out of some of that. My son has it also. 

I have been hibernating. We have had severe windchills below zero. I just figure if I stay in I won't be exposed to germs also. 

We are going to have a heatwave in the next few days. The temp highs will be in the 30's. Can't wait for this.

I have to go to the store in a couple days to buy all the food for the  Christmas Eve dinner we are having. Homemade Pizza for 13 people is a lot of oven time. 

Hope you are staying warm, Chris 

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Katie M. said...

yes, the little ladies are growing up very quickly!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. May God bring you improved, good health in the New Year.