Saturday, December 10, 2016

What I have been doing

Date on picture is not right. Oh well! Do you see what this picture is? It is a picture of a screen of Pinterest. Yes that is as far as I get with sewing/quilting. I have spent hours on Pinterest looking to get inspired. I see so many things I would like to do, but all I do is save the links. 

This images are of very well organized sewing studios. Well that will never happen in my lifetime. I don't want to just sit, but I have no motivation. 

We are to get up to 6-10 inches in the next 36 hours. So off to the store. My loaf of bread was moldy so I need to replace that and get some meat. If I have the basics I can cook up a decent meal. 

I promise today after the store run I will go into the sewing room and sew on something. I do have some mending to do also.

Stay warm I am going to get my mind ready to go out in the arctic air. 

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Katie M. said...

I love Pinterest and I can get lost for hours there! Sorry you still don't have the energy/ambition but I think it's something that happens to all of us at times. I have finished my 'must do' Christmas sewing and now I will take some time for 'want to' sewing. Quilting is on the back burner for now...
As for the weather - I am so glad I live in AZ! I've lived in Alaska and hail from the U.P. of Michigan so I do remember 'snow days' - I don't miss them...