Friday, December 2, 2016

Since Thanksgiving

I have done a few things. So many days are so draining I just do one thing and then sit or take a nap. My fear is that my Father had MS. I really don't think that is what is going on, but the back of your mind sneaks there when you are really down.

The days have been so gray and gloomy and that doesn't help the mood. Not in the mood for Christmas so everyone gets a money card. I could go nuts and order everything off Amazon, but that fells like cheating to me.

I did so quilting as you go, but haven't gotten back to it. I want to wake up and feel good and a sunny day. Don't want much. Yes I am depressed and yes I need to go to the DR. but I have no insurance. Waiting for Medicare to kick in. I know no excuse, but we really didn't have the premium money to get insurance.

We lived on the edge of poverty for a long time and it can happen again. The new government maybe will be the undoing of us all.

Be patient with me I think I will get it back. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Chris, Have you considered checking with your state for state aid healthcare? I have a friend who has done that because she just could not afford the premiums on her and her husbands social security - she still has a year to go to obtain medicare.....
I will pray something works out for you soon.