Friday, December 30, 2016

Almost New Year

Been a bad year for me. no sewing get up and go. No finishes other than the house and yard. Which that took a long time. Illness that is righting itself, but hey that has taken longer than I cared for.

The one good thing is waiting on baby. She has been stubborn and not ready to show up yet. It will happen when she is ready.

I hope the new year will be good for all of you . I am going to start purging old pots and pans and getting things ready for taxes. That will be upon us before we know it. Also In all the house upheaval I have misplaced my blank checks. Gotta find them or order some new and then I will find them. Just little things.

No resolutions and no goals. I never meet them. Just try and be a nice person. Chris

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