Thursday, December 15, 2016


There is a problem I have staying focused. I guess when I put something down and don't finish it I run into lots of unfinished work.

Part of my problem when I started all this was to make bed quilts. Well how many queen size quilts can a person handle to make in their life time?

I need to learn some time management skills. I have been getting up early and then I end up going back to bed for a couple hours. Part of the trouble I am up and down 3-5 times a night. Not  much good sleep happens then.

Well I will add to this in the morning.

Well this is 503 pm. Nothing to report other than really cold weather. I got up took a shower washed my sheets on my bed and with weather coming in tomorrow I was miserable and sat in the chair, get up and walk around and sit back down again.

I can't wait until it is bed time again. Then 2 hours later I will be up miserable again. This is going to be the rest of my life I am afraid. The one med that worked for me was discontinued because of serious side effects. Can't win for loosing.

Going to snack on something and see if I can get some handwork going. I have plenty of that. I wish I had a better chair to sit in. My chairs are nice, but they don't fit my back well. I keep changing chairs off and on all night.

Getting closer to Christmas everyday. I am going to attempt to make homemade pizza for everyone. They love the combination I make. I mentioned homemade pizza and they said when should we be there.

Well hope you have a nice evening. Chris

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