Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I used 9-patches I had made on hand. I bordered them with strips. 

After I had posted a picture from Pinterest I was informed that it was someone elses idea that they were using for a new book. But it didn't list this patternas being someones from Pinterest. No directions were given.

I have been told it is in an up and coming book by Kim Diehl. Sorry if I stepped on toes. I made the size I had on hand. 

So beware of using pictures that are not marked as to who took them or designed them from Pinterest. A framed 9-patch is age old and the idea was what I looked at. Chris


Hettie Pringle said...

Bottom line Chris, when I saw this the first time, it was shared by you. So should I ever make it, credits would be to you. The thing is I once tried log cabin around a triangle, turned out this too was a pattern from a published book. I went on, wrote my blog as I didn't feel guilty about stealing anything from anyone. Seriously can no two people get the same idea?

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Don't worry, Chris. This block is ages old and very simple patch work. Some people are just silly!

Rebecca said...

What, Amy said.
Its an old old block been around a long while.

Carol said...

Good grief....I have been making this pattern for over 40 years...it is an old pattern, too simple to be claimed by anyone...don't worry about it ....in fact I kind of did a double take when I saw it cause I have a top that looks a lot like that lol....ya wanna quilt mine too????...have a great day....Carol