Monday, June 5, 2017

Still finding things that need finishing

I can see I don't know the date to put on the camera right. I just took this. I started the machine stitching on the crumb/crazy top. I use the deco stitches in my machine for the quilting process. I sandwich the top like any other quilt and wind a ton of bobbins and change stitches for each piece I stitch. It is a slow process, but attractive when complete without all the handwork of the old fashion method of hand stitching. 

While digging I Came across this hand sewn piece. I am not sure I have enough fabric to finish it to bed size. I need to maybe stop and finish it off the size it is now. This is Lucy Boston's Points Of The Cross pattern. I made this to this size when Jeff was real sick a few Winters ago.

Here you can see the block a little closer. I have a ton more to pull out and finish. These are ones that are closer to being complete. 

Have a great day. Chris

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