Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad day today

I got up and went to my sons' to do some more painting. He is remodeling his house. Well I got on the ladder and the paint try fell on the floor and red paint all over everything. The carpet is getting replaced so at least that was a good thing. Then I was backing up on my hands and knees to apint the along floor area on the wall. My leg slipped and it fell into a hole in the floor up to my knee. It got turned and I fell forward. My husband said your hair is in the paint I said I don't care about that I couldn't get my leg to move. Finally I got the right angle to move it around and I got up to my knees again. My shin is all scraped up and it is swollen in a couple places. So I will be black and blue and sore for awhile. I came home after that. More time to get some sewing done I guess. It is raining and I think a nap is in order. Chris

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