Friday, October 9, 2009

Gloomy Day

I got up early and heard it raining. They are talking about frost tonight. First for this season. The forecastors say it is early, but I remember snow before Halloween many years in a row. I worked in a Grade/High school as a night custodian and more than once had to shovel snow before a Basketball or Volleyball game was over with. It was going to come sooner or later anyway. I got out some bright fabrics and made some pumpkins from a pattern I made back in the 70"s. I will try and post a picture another time. The ones I made were for gifts and all are gone already. I want to make some shoe skates for Christmas ornamants for the tree. Will have to find all the parts to get them made. My Grandmother made them for all of us. The holidays are approaching fast. Others have their projects started but I just keep fiddling and not getting anything started. The holidays for me have lost their glory. This will be the first year that the Grandkids have moved away and it is hard to think about that. I know other Grandparents have gone through this and I am not the only or last one to face this, but it still bothers me. My want to do list gets longer and I am running out of time. Well take care. Chris

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