Saturday, October 24, 2009

More painting today.

Replacement front door. Opened up the light in the house.
Replacement window and the walls are stripped for wiring and insulation. No insulation was in the walls at all.

The short wall is coming out to open up the space. No more small rooms

Three windows in a dining room. Neat looking but a pain to install. Then a bench below. Now have to make a cushion for the top of it.

Yes I am going back for more. I hopefully won't fall into anymore holes today. My hubby and son are going to wire and insulate today. Plus a radiator needs cutting down since a wall is coming out. It is dirty and hard work, but cheaper to do than hire it done at this point. Just takes a lot of time. This house it about 121 years old. I think it is about the oldest house in this little town. Also been added onto many times and the old ways aren't always the the best. So patch and repair to get it to be a comfortable home again. I think the outcome will be pleasing and more to the liking of the occupants. Chris

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