Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sewing is a freedom for me

Sewing whether it be hand sewing or machine sewing has become and escape for me from the things going on around me. The colors and shapes that are sewn together make my day go by with a better outlook on the World. The news and the everyday things in life sometimes can make things drag. Sewing has a satisfaction for me that I can make and be happy with my accomplishments. I have recently painted my husband's bedroom. We sleep in seperate rooms because he has Parkinson's Disease and is very restless when he sleeps. I painted it a Cinnamon Brown. He teases me and says it is really brown. Tonight he will sleep in the room for the first time since it was painted. I am going to make new sheers for up at the window to deflect some of the light during the day. I have heavier panels at the window for the cold winter nights that are approaching fast. An extra layer at the window never hurts. I did my Fall cleaning at the same time so it is freshly painted and all the bedding and furniture and windows are clean. I feel pretty good about my accomplishments. Now onto the next three rooms one is the sewing room. OMG it is a mess. I need to really sort and organize in there. About the time I get it cleaned up it will be time to get the Christmas sewing on the road. Well I should have started it all ready. I am bad about putting it off. Pressure sewing is more fun Right??? Chris

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