Monday, October 26, 2009

Wish I could be sewing.

This summer I wallpapered my kitchen. I got a buy on the paper. It was a heavy vinyl and 8 rolls was $10 at a resale shop.
I made cafe curtains and valances for the windows. Plan on making long panels to compliment the red in the wallpaper and the gingham check has an ecru color with the red. I think it will be really country looking.

This is the North window and it will have the long panels also.

I went and painted more today. I am not going back until Friday now. I am so tired of using a roller over my head and using a paint brush to trim with. It does look nice and really clean, but it isn't my house and I wish I had more done here. I went to pick up my fabric for my kitchen curtains and it had to be reordered. So I wasn't happy about that. Won't be in until Nov 5th now. Not to far off. I will have that room done soon. I painted my husband's room. It is a cinnamon brown and I have a dust ruffle and the Ugly Quilt to finish for that room. Then it will be done. I washed walls in the living room and washed curtains. Maybe next year for that room. I have paint for my bedroom. But not sure that is really what I want in there. Maybe will use it in the sewing room. I would like to redo my bathroom and get new shower curtain. Maybe I should quilt one. Hey good thought! Another notch on my todo list. Maybe I should put it on my Bucket list instead. My todo list keeps getting longer and nothing is getting done on it. Mom needs to learn to say no I am not going to do this for her son. {Note to self} LOL. Tomorrow if the sun comes out I have to mulch leaves and pine needles up in three yards. So that will take up some of my time. Plan on getting up early to square up some blocks to get ready to quilt them. That day is coming sooner than we thing. Do I need to say what it is?? Christmas. Heaven help me I am so far behind. Each year I say I am not going to do this and here we are again. Shame on me. Chris

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