Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall House cleaning

No sewing today. The living room is in need of major cleaning. We have so many windows doors and a fireplace and it all is over due. I have the sliding glass door drapes in the washer and going to start on that side of the room. The fireplace needs cleaning inside and out. The stone collects so much dust over the Summer and it takes a good hour just to vacuum it off. I have been neglectful with my duties in the house. The yard was more what I wanted to do so it got done first this Summer. I am getting a recliner tomorrow and need to get the room rearranged to place it in front of the picture window. The Loveseat goes over by the fireplace. More cozy there anyway. I have to get started so will be back after I get some of it done. I don't work as fast as I use to. LOL Chris

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