Saturday, July 8, 2017

100 squares to a block

I have sewn together 900-2 inch squares into 9 blocks. 

Made them into 4-patches and then sewed them into row. I spray starched them and pined every intersetion. I also put my walking foot on so they wouldn't slide. 

I did have a windfall because I had 200 4-patches made up and was storing them for something later. So that went a lot faster having them already
made up. I have 175 4-patches in 2.5 squares made up so something hwen I need them.

This is a quilt pattern that is free called Clean Up from Becky and Rachael have free patterns and sell fabric on this site. Check out the shopat the top of thepage and hit the free patterns. It will ask for you to sign in as if you are purchasing something,no cards are needed. Follow the instructions and then download when you make your purchase which is free for the patterns.

Going to make some more 4-patches and then I think I need to cut some more variety for the rest of this massive 2 inch project. Chris

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the ark said...

So excited to "find" your blog! I gave a quick scroll-through and immediately put it in my 'favorite blogs' folder. I love your scrappy look and simple patterns that let the fabrics shine. Can't wait to begin reading through your post archives!