Thursday, July 13, 2017

I am here

The fact that the heat indexes has been up to 107 degress has been a factor with me. I have allergies and the heat and himidity play into that big time.

I haven't stitched a stitch in three days and I guess today will not either. I am going to meet my Daughter-in-law today and have three girls for most of the day. They have some work to do that they can't take the girls out in the heat to accomplish and my son is working his regular job.

I did get word that the baby cut two teeth yesterday. She is 6 1/2 months old. The older kids had them when they were 4 1/2 months. She was good natured through the whole thing. She has been drooling for months.

I have to go on a huge cutting spree and get some more colors cut for strings and squares. My variety is lacking in certain colors.

I have been reading Becky Tillman Petersen's
 blog called She has a lovely modern looking quilt on her blog post today and you will not believe what it is made of. This picture is another one of her patterns called Clean Up.

She lives in Poland and she must have thrift stores and resale shops close by. She has purchase duvet covers and sheets and solid colored clothing and made the neatest looking quilt. A girl after my own heart. It is all recycled except for the batting and thread of course. I guess I need to think in a different way when I hit the resale stores for solids.

I do have a large stack of solid cottons on hand that need to be worked into something so that maybe would work along with the solid recyled I will collect in the future.

Kids like bright colors and this particular pattern makes a great use of these bright colors.

I Need to start writing a grocery list. We are about of of everything. Last month I had taxes and one major purchase that placed us in the caution area of our finaces. I have plenty to eat and my bills are paid so no worries there. After next month all the extra stuff will have been paid. Funny how we know certain bills like insurances and taxes are coming, but our efforts to save for them get put off.

I think the humidity today is suppose to be less so hopefully the girls will stay inside and not want to be outside. If they do it will be short spirts of time. To hot for sure. Chris  

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the ark said...

I don't know how you get so much sewing done in the heat! I'm just feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Reading your blog and watching your quilting progress is so much easier than making myself sew! Thanks for the inspiration.