Monday, July 31, 2017

Almost there.

Finally after several attempt to getting this project done it is almost complete. Need to make tie backs out of the fabric. Just haven't decided how I want to make them. This is fabric I posted about earlier that I washed to preshrink it and the color guard sheet was so purple.  

I liked it with the color of the new woodwork and the textured wallpaper we put up. It has taken almost two years to get this far, but I could find anything I liked. 

Saturday I was going to get this done and we had another emergency. My grandson and 2 year old granddaughter were in a rollover accident. So we had the other two were at the other two girls and Mom and Dad were at the hospital. They are all ok. Abrasions from the seat belts, but the truck went airborne and flipped twice.  Scary until we knew what was up. I am grayer. 

Today Mom has to deal with insurance and the towing company so I get girls back again. Have a good day. Chris

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