Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Next in line.

These have been pieced for awhile. They are rectangles to make a square. Not sure if this has a name and no designers were listed for this block. I found it on Pinterest. I have since seen it on Martha Stewart's Pinterest page, but no credit for it there either. 

They are 2.5 X 3.5 inch logs. There are 18 per block. You could make them smaller of larger depending on your scraps. 

Here they are layed out on the floor and will get sewn into a top tomorrow. I think I will make some more of them to make a twin quilt. 

I want to get some of these done and out of the sewing room. Plan on making a bunch before Christmas. Really finishing a lot of them. I have a lot in quilt blocks not finished. That is my goal. I think I will try the Baptist Fan quilting. I have a circle template so I will draw lines and quilt it that way. The texture is fun. This has so many nooks and cranny's it would be hard to outline stitch it. I am not good at meandering either. 

Hope to have more blocks made tomorrow. Chris

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