Saturday, July 15, 2017

Girls have been here.

Kate, Charleigh and Autumn were here the better part of the day on Friday. This picture was taken on the 4th of July by Mommy.

Charleigh is 6 months old now. She was on the 5th. She now has two bottom teeth also. Rolling around and getting into everything. She likes to empty waste baskets all over the floor.

You can't shovel the food in fast enough, but she gets distracted when she eats as to what the other two are doing.

I haven't said much about them lately. When they come it is so hectic I don't get pictures taken.

Autumn will start preschool in the fall and Katie has to wait another year. She will be 3 in Oct.

Time flies by quickly when little ones are around. The neighbors here are so surprised that all three have such blond hair. Charleigh's is almost white. Katie's is a red cast to it, but getting more blond. Autumn had red hair when she was little and now she is really blond.

All my grandkids have blond hair and blue eyes.

So I am sitting back and chillin' tonight. I sewed for 2 hours this morning while it was quiet. Plan on some more sewing tomorrow. I need to cut more variety.

I did go to the thrift store and got some clothing for the kids. Waiting for Fall and Winter clothing to come out. Get some good buys from this thrift shop. It is all donated clothing.

Cooler tonight, but suppose to start warming up next week. Stay cool. Chris

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