Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ok Ok I am sewing today

Today is a day I am going to get something done. Got up early and have a couple housekeeping chores done, but I am sewing today no matter what. I have this in the machine, machine quilting it and this is the last panel. Then assemble the panels and bind it and another one will be done. I think I have procrastinated over this one because I don't like the colors. I call it the Ugly Quilt. These are fabrics that I wouldn't normally use in a quilt. I like a little brighter colors and so I cut a lot of pieces and sewed them back together.

I am on the last panel for this ugly quilt I am making for my husband's room. I hate the marking and the machine quilting, but it looks good when it is done. I would rather hand quilt, but not enough time for everything.

It is snowing here. 56*F yesterday and 32*F and snowing today. It is Spring in Illinois. and Today it is the First Day of Spring. Chris

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