Sunday, March 14, 2010


My Grandaughter came today she is 10 almost 11 years old. She said Grandma we have to clean your sewing room. Well she cleaned. I am not sure I am totally happy but it is an improvement. She took things she didn't know what to do with a shoved them into a couple garbage bags. So if I can't find something I think I will be able to find it in the bags. This way I can take one bag at a time and sort also. She vacuumed the floor as she went and then she said we have to put all the thread someplace. Well I have garment thread and quilting threads, so we had to sort and lock the threads in place on the spools. Then she didn't like my bobbins so she wound them up and placed them back in the trays they go into. I have shelves on the walls and she wants to go through them also. I will say this her room is the cleanest in the house. So I don't know where she learned it from. Her parents are not good housekeepers. I think I thanked her and kissed her a dozen times. In all that mess I have a lot of counter space and five yes five sewing machines. Each has its own purpose. Now I need to clean the ceiling fan and wash the drapes and clean the window and it will be in pretty good shape thanks to her. Thank You Taylor. Love Grandma

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Renée's Country Quilts said...

That is adorable. How sweet is she. It will take you about a week to go through the bags, and find places to put the fabric, but she got you in the right direction.