Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scraps are being used up fast

Here are the fruits of my labors of late. I have been hacking up scraps and using them for parts and pieces. Some just because I want them and others for Christmas gifts for this next year. I am starting early to get some of this done.
This is a WIP. I have had this going for awhile. I am making a table cloth with these in the center of the cloth. I have everything to finish. But you know how you can get side tracked and not get back to things.
My husband as you know is not well and he uses a quilt on the couch all the time. The one that is there now is a quilt my Mom made for us several years ago. It is showing a lot of wear and tear so I am using up scraps for a 9 patch with in a square pattern. It will be sashed with a textured black fabric and perfect for a sofa quilt

This is a Christmas gift for my son. the 4 patches will look similiar to the Ugly quilt when finished. The only difference it the gift quilt will be all blocks and no sections of solid fabric. I need almost 400 of the 4 patches to fit his bed. Not nearly enough yet.

This is the process I have been doing. I cut up smaller pieces into usuable squares. Then I match them up to a colorful quilt block. After having cleaned I am trying to pare down on all the small pieces and make them into something worth while.

I am still going through bags from the cleaning session with my grandaughter. I have several piles of scraps to cut and sort through yet. But they will work out into a decent quilt when I get done hacking them up into usuable pieces.

My son said to me one day when he was a lot younger. Mom why do you cut it all up to sew it back together. I told him it was more fun that way. The only thing I need to buy for the quilts will be backings and battings. I may even piece some of the backs for the quilts to get more used up. So many times there are battings on sale online from a couple places it is less tempting to buy online than walk into a fabric or quilt shop. I need to stay focused and get some more of it done.

I was sewing last night in the sewing room and started to sneeze. I got up this morning and cleaned the ceiling fan off. I maybe was throwing dust out for me to sneeze over. Not maybe I know it was. It is 9:30 am here and I have cleaned three ceiling fans the carpet in the living room and the floor in the kitchen. Now trim to get the sewing started. I also need to think about what to fix for supper. I think maybe something with a chicken breast and a salad. That is another thing I am trying a diet that has a lot of veggies and basic food. It seems to be giving me more energy to get things done. Hopefully the weight will melt off with the proper food going into my stomach. I have outside painting to get done this Spring and I need to be able to work in the yard this Summer. The yard work is waiting for warmer weather. It is suppose to get to almost 80*F by Thursday no April Fools Joke. Off to another project now. Take Care Chris

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