Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scraps Scraps Scraps!

I told you before I have been cleaning the sewing room. Part of the cleaning process is cutting up all the scraps I have laying around and making them into usable pieces. These are some of the blocks I have made from all the clutter. I plan on making a sofa quilt for the livingroom out of these scrappy blocks.
They will be bordered with a black sashing and a colored corner stone square. It has been fun getting the colors to work together. Some of them I wouldn't ever think of using together but they do make a statement when paired together. This is the box I filled with the pieces as I cut them. I knew the size of the pieces I wanted so when I cut them I had a plan in mind. I add to it as I need to for variety.

The colors in a scrap quilt show character to me. Leads your mind to wander and yet it is pleasing to the eye. They are small pieces but I am satisfied with the outcome. It makes me slow down some to get the sewing better. Some of the fabrics are a little tricky because they are directional and I have to concentrate on the final look of the block. It has been raining here and the colors are taking me away from the dirty ugly look from the outside. Chris

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Michele Bilyeu said...

The colors in a scrap quilt DO show character. You are SO right!!! And that you love and make scrap quilts is a testament to your own scrappy character. There is a fighter in you, Chris, someone who will take the bits and pieces life has thrown at her and make them work. You can do this, as hard as life is now. Your quilt blocks are lovely with great charm in each one. I love how scrappy speaks volumes to each of us.