Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain for three days

Today is the second of three days of rain. Don't have to go anywhere so staying home and just hanging around. Have a sore throat and earache. Hope it doesn't turn into a cold, but the fears are leaning that way. Haven't been sick in three years so I guess I am due. Husband had a doctor's appointment last week and yesterday we went to the dietician to see if they can improve his feedings. He had to have a feeding tube surgially placed in his stomach. Just one more thing to tie me to the house and the sewing room. Have made some more progress on the blocks, but not feeling so well so put it on the back burner for a couple days. Need to put some aside and do some machine quilting. I have this quilt stated for over a year and it is going on two years. It is for his room and I have painted and got everything else done in the room. The quilt would look nice on the bed if I got it done. So maybe today I will try and get more stitiching done on it. He keeps making the comment that he will die before I get it done. Sad statement but I guess it could happen so I had better make an effort. Plus it would be one more thing out of the sewing room at this point if it was done. I also have a bed skirt started to I could get it done also. Can't be outside and shopping with this cold isn't fun. But we do have a quilt shop that opened in a bigger space. So I am anxious to go and see what she has to offer. It was in such a small space that I would forget it was there. Not a lot of fabric because it was a confining space, but this was a grocery store at one point and a furniture store later so a much lager store to fill up. I really want to make some purses, but again that would mean starting another project and nothing is getting finished. I wish I was a better organizer and finisher. Chris

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