Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

No pictures today. Suppose to be warm and sunny. But I need to get more done today. Yesterday I cleaned 3 of the 6 ceiling fans and I need to get the rest of them done. Also need to tour the yard and see what needs cleaning up. The Spring rains will start soon and it is easier to clean up the yard before it gets all wet. I do need to get to the fabric store and buy some sashing for the blocks I have been making. Maybe over the weekend I can do that. Oh No can't! Easter is this weekend. So no one will be open on Sunday. Have you ever had this urge to not do cleaning and grocery shopping and laundry? I would rather sew and I am getting to a point that the other stuff is taking backstage to my housekeeping chores. I force myself to try and get things straightened up before I walk in the sewing room. I never seem to get enough done in there to satisfy myself that I have accomplished anything. So here I am on the computer and I just can't walk away and get to the sewing. Today I plan on doing my best to get some more of it sewn together. All these little pieces laying around are driving me nuts. I still need to get the Ugly quilt finished. I am just at a love/hate place with it. Love to see it done, but hate that I have to take the time to do it. Well another cup of coffee and maybe I can get started for the day. It is still dark out so the birds are quiet and I need to get going. Take care Chris

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