Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cool this morning but look out later

I went out to take pictures before the afternoon heat wilted everything. This is Rubeckia. I got a small start from a friend and it has gone overboard. Have to thin this one out. The old Fashion Rose of Sharon. This is a perfect picture. The Japanese Beetles love these flowers.

Russian sage and Purple Cone flowers. I wish you could smell the Sage. It is heavenly.

See all the holes in the petals. Those Japanese Beetles love all the pretty flowers. Why can't they eat the weeds only.

Here is one of the pepper plants I started in the house. They are growing well.

This one is even turning red. I can't wait.

Today it is going to be to hot to be outside. The humidity and heat will be close to 100*F. So I think I am going to buy some more safety pins and pin baste a quilt top. The A/C will feel good today. Should mow, but to wet this morning to start and by the time it dries out it will be to hot. Today I will play with fabric. Yesterday my dryer went on the blink. Not sure if repairable. May have to shop for a new one. Towels and jeans are my big hangup. I can line dry everything else. But we can't have a clothesline where we live so on hangers in the bathrooms. Always a way. Chris

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