Friday, July 2, 2010

Sewing Treasures

Back in the day buttonholes were done by hand most of the time. Hence the term Buttonhole stitch. These were in my Grandmother's possessions.
She was a seamstress and did garments for people for hire. She would sew all week long and clean only on Fridays. I am sure this was the best attachment you could have for your sewing machine back in the 40-50's. This box says it is a 50th anniversary model. They weigh a lot and they have been used a lot also. Inside the box is a paper in my Grandmother' s handwriting saying she purchased it in March of 1952. That was a month after I was born. She probably paid about $5 for it and ordered it mail order from a magazine.
I found both of these in my Grandmother's sewing things. I never saw her use them. By the time I noticed her sewing she had a newer Singer Buttonholer for her machine. The machines they fit was an old Franklin with a bullet shuttle bobbin.


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