Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot and I have the oven on

Tomorrow is my grandson's 4th birthday. Daddy called last night and said they would be down over the weekend. Not sure what Day. I made cupcakes and will frost them in green frosting. He likes the Incredible Hulk. He has a girlfriend now and is flirting. I guess she is a new neighbor and they play well together. Brody is all boy and he knows how to use the eyes to get his way. Don't all little boys know how to do that? He likes to ride his bike and camp and go out on Daddy's big boat. But he still likes to play with dollies. I am sure that will stop soon. I also made a big pot of Vegetable Beef soup. I had precooked stew beef and it needed to be used so I got some frozen veggies and tomatoes from the pantry. Boy does it smell good. Oh did I tell you the heat index is 90*F outside and I had the oven on and the stove going. Smells good in here. Stay cool. Chris

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