Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garden pictures

Purple Cone flowers are everywhere this year. They multiplied before my eyes. They will have to be thinned out in the fall.
This is a type of Lily. It is called Freckle Faced Lilies. They have Iris like leaves.
This one is called Candy tuft. Same kind as the other lily. There are red ones and white ones but these are the only two I have.

This is a shot of the garden. The bushy stuff is the tomato plants. I think I planted them to close with the amount of rain we had they over produced all the foliage. I can pick my first batch of beans tomorrow. Can't wait.

Shasta Daisies. I have two clumps of them and the other one is dying out in the center. So I need to separate and move after they bloom.

Purple Cone flowers, but one white one. See it? I moved them to this spot and I had white ones in the spot where they came from so I must have gotten a piece of the root.

My hostas are about 30 inches high. The leaves I mean. The flowers are over 4ft high. They have only been there 4 years. They came as starts from the John Deere Historical site in Grand Detour, Illinois. My neighbor use to work there and they thinned them out 4 years ago. Never thought they would do this well.

Rose of Sharon Bush is in bloom it normally gets eaten by the Japanese Beetles, but I found a product that is systemic and no bugs eating it this year. Yipppppeeee!

Things are so dry now I am watering. We had almost 8 inches more rain than normal in the month of May and June. Now it is dry. Rain all around us. So everything is wilting because they were use to all the rain and nothing for days. Chris

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bettyp said...

your garden is beautiful!!!
you do have a green thumb!!