Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another UFO bit the Dust

Two years plus and it is finally done. I have to wash it, but want to get it right out of the washer when it is done so will do it in the morning. I am so glad this one is done.
More thread than what I kept track of was used. It took forever to stitch all the 2 1/2 in squares and then quilt it too. I will take pictures after I get it washed and dried and it is on the bed. I have called this one the Ugly Quilt. I used scraps that were of fabrics I wouldn't normally use. I then paired with the dirty tan fabric and added the rust fabric and we have the "Ugly Quilt."
My husband made a statement last year he would never see it done. He would be dead before it was on his bed. That almost happened and I am ashamed I hadn't gotten it done before this, but it is done now and will be on the bed tomorrow. The other thing I need to finish is his flannel shirt I made three years ago and it is all done but the buttonholes. I hate making buttonholes. So maybe tomorrow I will do that and surprise him with it. It is a weight he could be wearing this Spring and be comfortable in. Will wonders never end. Chris

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