Monday, April 11, 2011

Have you ever felt inadequate?

I read and drool over others talents. I feel sometimes like my efforts are so lost on what I get done. I guess I have a fear of not knowing what to do and how to do it. Ever felt that way? I get a quilt top done and then the big question how should I finish this? It is overwhelming sometimes. I would love to be Erin, Diane or Wendy. They seem to have the talent to do the right thing with their quilts. By the way there are many more with this unbelievable talent. I only mentioned a few. I feel really lacking in vision, talent and willingness to venture into the World of the unknown and start to advance my talents. Such as they are.
I tend to do more scrappy quilts because outline quilting is a simpler way to attack the challenge of finishing the quilt. Even with the applique quilts most of the hand quilting is in grid work. I envy all of you that are challenged to make you hand or machine quilting so beautiful. I have several pieces of leftover batting and I think I am going to buy a few yards of good quality muslin and try and make some sample squares of free motion quilting to try and make my
a feeble attempt at trying to broaden my skills. Hopefully it isn't a laughable effort. The fear of failure is lurking in the shadows. Sounds like a murder mystery about to unfold. But I do have a fear of frustration that I will not like what I do. Yes I know practice is a big factor. Do I mark do I free hand it? Do I use matching thread or try my hand at contrast to see my mistakes? Then what do I do if I really can't do it? I have sewn for 50 years. Yes I get in a hurry and maybe don't sew a straight line as seen in my piecing of Log Cabin blocks. If anyone has any patience they can spare I need a dose of it. Also confidence is unattainable at this point. At least in my estimation. Now that I have run myself into the ground and no self esteem I think I will go and doodle some on paper and see what I come up with. No one can do it for me I have to do it myself. I know! Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Have I ever felt inadequate? Daily...

You do need to stop running yourself into the ground. You have amazing talent that is your own. I dream of being able to applique like you do.

As for marking or not marking...I never do. I eye ball everything. The grid work on my tulip quilt is wonky and off center. The straight lines on the flowers are eye balled and not all the same distance apart. I like it that way. =)

One of the things I am teaching my boys (I homeschool) is that they are not going to be good at everything. That's just the way it is. That's not a reason to not try, but it's okay to not be great at it.

BTW, I am talking to myself here, too...Remember, I have a longarm that intimidates the snot out of me...

Barbara said...

All I can tell you is to keep practicing. And really, who's going to know if your feathers aren't perfect or your straight line stitching isn't so straight. Unless you are going to enter them in a show to be judged, it's not going to be a big deal. We are our own worst critics. I look back on some quilts I did years ago that I thought were so so and I still like the quilt. No, the quilting isn't perfect, but I still like the quilt. Stop beating yourself up, and just do it and keep doing it.