Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The water levels are really getting high. We live along a river but a long ways away from the River bed. Our septic system is at a spot that could get bad. We have a friend whose brother has a home and bar on the Mississippi and he has water against lower level windows. This is his bar location. My son is working in a River town now today as a 911 dispatcher and there is water in the parking lot of the Fire Station he is working at. It is right across the River from the bar. The weather is cold and cloudy and all the snow that is up in Minnesota and Wisconsin that they received in the last 24 hours is going to melt and all flow down river. At my house in the last 30 hours we have received almost 1.5 inches of rain and more to come over the weekend. Other areas are in worse shape then we are in this neck of the woods, but flooding is horrible stuff to deal with. There is bad weather everywhere. Keep your thoughts and prayers with all those that are in harms way. Tornadoes and bad storms, flooding and devastation are uncontrollable and we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Stay safe. Chris

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