Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Supper is Ready

I admit I haven't eaten to good in the last year or so. I am really not in a good weight class. No I am not wrestling. I have been on a rate of gain which is what you do for fattening up cattle for butchering. So I sat and cried last night I was so disgusted with myself I decided I would eat better. I made a stir fry with onions, celery, carrots, cauliflower and shrimp dill weed and celery salt which was minimal because of the salt. No rice not fat other than a little canola oil. Then I was a good girl no salt after it was cooked and I used a pie plate to eat off of. I had about half of this left over for tomorrow.

Now to the hard part of my day. The leaves and stem piece for the applique is a stinker. It is such a close area to cut between the leaves and the bottom part of the flower. So I hold my breath that I have enough to get the turn under deep enough to catch it well when doing the hand stitching. I take several really small stitches and I sure hope it holds for eternity. I worked so hard at one of them today I got a stiff neck. I really think I needed to get up for awhile and walk away. So I did. Now I need to get the laundry started because it is cold out and my husband's

long johns need washing and I sat and sewed today. Shame on me. Chris

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