Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not a lot of Progress going on here

I have been slacking. My head has been giving me fits. Migraine for three days and finally the weather changed. I got some tracing done and got the freezer paper shapes stapled together to get ready to trim them. I sat yesterday morning and got some of them trimmed so I can start doing the pressing to get them cut out. I then waited until the weather warmed up because we had frost and I went out and mowed three yards.

My head is better today and I think I am taking my husband to see his Mother. She lives about 60 miles away and he doesn't drive anymore so I have to take him. I think I am taking my Mother and we are going shopping while he visits.
My Mother -in- law is 95 years old. We need to go as many time this Summer as we can. The weather last Winter didn't leave us much choice when it came to travel. If he isn't up to it today then tomorrow. Chris

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