Sunday, April 10, 2011

This was a gift

Yes a gift, but I have to finish it. It has gone back and forth across the country three times. You see my Birthday is
Valentine's Day. So my Mother thought I needed a heart quilt. She pieced it while living in Arizona. She sent it to me and then I sent it back and she then sent it back to me. I moved it 6 times from house to house and started it about 6 years ago. Well it is out of hiding again and getting worked on. Silly me I thought I would do some small quilting on this one. 1/4in cross hatching. Yeah I know silly me. What was I thinking???? It does set off the heart thought. Then I decided to use a feathered heart pattern in the larger hearts. Well my first attempt was feeble. I traced a feathered heart onto freezer paper and pressed it to the heart I wanted to stitch. Got the stitching done and all the little shreds of paper finally off and the pencil yes the pencil I used came off on the thread. So I get to rip all the thread out and redo the feather. My pile of UFO's is starting to get finished. I have two other quilts in the quilting process started. Both are by hand. Mind you I have 7 other ones to be appliqued or finish piecing that are in states of needing to be finished. Oh someday. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Of course you need a heart quilt! It's very pretty. =)