Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Been Missing

Well no not really. I have been here, but doing other things. My sister came for my Mother's Birthday and she stayed with me for a couple days and with my Mom for two more days. She left yesterday and went home. In between I have gotten a UFO almost done. It has been a three year quilt. I have three more sides of the binding to sew on and the washing machine has a date with this quilt. Another thing I did while this week went by so fast I cooked and grilled a meal for 36 firefighters. I grilled 72 pork chops outside in a very cold and windy day. So I haven't taken a vacation or anything like that. I have been busy and yet I really haven't been on the computer much in the last week. Yesterday I went out and picked up limbs and trash out of the yard that has blown around all Winter. Today I think I am going to go and mulch up all the leaves that have blown in from everyone else's yard. I take care of my yard and no one else does theirs so I get the mess in the Spring. Mowing in the Summer takes up a lot of my time. I mow three yards twice a week. Little extra money to buy fabric with. This year though with gas prices up maybe won't do as much as I have in the past . Both mowing and buying fabric. To make ends meet on a fixed income you have to sacrifice something. I should quit eating maybe I would loose some weight. Sorry no pictures and not much to report on, but I did enjoy my visit with my sister. She is a widow and been facing some challenging times. She has a birthday in a few days and will be 55 years old. Well off to sew on another binding. Chris

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