Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey what is going on?

I have had a couple down days. Not to bad today and tomorrow will be better. BUT I was reading some of the favorite blogs I hadn't looked at in a couple weeks and everybody is quiting. Some with no interest one with health issues and others just don't post anymore. One I respond to almost daily usually responds back and nothing from that site either. I took a shower today is it me? No I think lives change and the duties we once thought were fun and enjoyable change. Have you ever had a few days where you had nothing to say? Well I have many days. Or what I had to say no one would like to read about. Taking a break can refuel the juices. I want to start another applique piece and I have the stuff to complete it, but I keep think something or someone is going to come and take me away on a nice trip and it wouldn't get done. Hey I can dream can't I? Hopefully with Spring here we can refuel and try and get some new inspiration from the sun being out more. Even though we have 5 days of rain ahead of us. Oh well I hope not all of you leave me. I promise to take another shower tomorrow. Hope to see you soon. LOL Chris

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