Friday, June 24, 2016

9 1/2 inch Square made with rectangles

Rectangles sewn together to make a square that is 9 1/2 inches was the order of business today. I finished sewing up the 1 3/4 squares I had cut and decided I had tons of 2 inch strips. so I decided to try this block.

It is a single log size sewn together. 2 inches X 3 1/2 inches. Very scrappy and yet a good sized block when you make this many rounds. This could be a leader and ender project if you are set up to have all the logs cut. It is a take off of log cabin and courthouse steps . 

This is just one more way to make small pieces into a very neat looking quilt. Use pastels for a calming look, brights for a children's quilt, reproductions for a period look. Solids would be a very neat look also. Polka dots and stripes would be a very modern look, also what about batiks. The concept is endless with the possibilities. 

Challenge yourself to find a good way to use your strips. I cut strips this morning and the leftovers made 2 inch squares. So they will be ready when the mood strikes me to do something with all of the squares I have. Make your mind work in two or more directions to use the fabric to your best advantage. 

I hope this helps you think of another scrap quilt that can be accomplished easily. I said over the last few days I have been on Pinterest alot. So this was pictured on the site with the credit going to

To me it is ingenious to use up more small pieces. Also no seams to match. That is another plus. Hope you try a block and see how far this will take you. Chris

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