Monday, June 27, 2016

Changing direction

These are crazy/crumb blocks I have worked on over the last year. I think I have 24 of them made and sized. They are 9 inches. I decided to quilt as you go. So I cut backing and battings to sandwich each block. I pinned them with just straight pins and started stitching between the piecing with decorative stitching on my machine.

I wound several bobbins with black thread and used black thread on the top also. Some of the stitches I like better than others, but it all makes it look more like the Victorian Crazy quilt with the fancy stitching, but this makes it more useful because it will stand up to washings. In doing this way the quilting is happening while you are doing the decorative stitching

Some of the stitching really stands out and other spots it is more sudtle. I am using polyester quilt batting. It is what my Mother used and I have several scrap pieces that I can cut into smaller pieces and use them up. 

I save pieces that are not in sizable pieces and stitch them together to make found fabric. The backing fabric I bought in a huge selection of quilting fabric at a rummage sale last year. 

So thread is the only purchase I made for this quilt so far that I paid full price for. I think I will buy some solid black to stitch the blocks together for the sashing. Everything works in these types of blocks. 

Sky is the limit when you do this. You can use all the same stitch or mix it up like I have. Also you can change threads to contrast more when stitching. 

You paid for the stitches on your machines you might as well be using them for something. I think I will do a couple a day and see how far I get with this over the weekend. 

Surprise yourself and see where your sewing skills take you. Chris 


sewyouquilt2 said...

great idea to stitch them in black. my machine doesnt have bells and whistles. just plain jane but I love how this is coming out.
will be a pretty and sturdy quilt when you are done.
I think I may need to try QAYG on my next patching adventure.

Julierose said...

How wonderful--you turned them into a Crazy Quilt type! They end up looking like you planned it that way--I am going to use QAYG with Cassidy's quilt only in long rows...hugs Julierose